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KBA Revamps Its SFI eLearning Platform

The Kenya Bankers Association (KBA) has launched the upgraded SFI e-Learning platform, incorporating optimised and seamless learner...


KBA Revamps Its SFI eLearning Platform

The Kenya Bankers Association (KBA) has launched the upgraded SFI e-Learning platform, incorporating optimised and seamless learner experience.

KBA has been a trailblazer in the adoption of edtech to facilitate industrywide training on Sustainable Finance Principles.

KBA originally started offering training on Sustainable Finance Principles via their SFI eLearning platform in 2015 and within 2 years of being live, the program managed to train and certify 20,000 banking staff on Sustainable Finance.

To date, the platform has trained and certified 33,225 banking staff in Kenya spread out across different branches and countries with the East Africa region where some banks have a presence.


“KBA undertook to develop the SFI e-learning platform at a time when professional digital learning was nascent,” said Nuru Mugambi, KBA Public Affairs Director. “We were pleased to partner with Farwell to jointly develop the platform and are excited about the revamp.

The newly launched SFI eLearning platform pushes the envelope further with a dynamic user interface and entirely new features that promote learner interactivity and collaboration, accessibility options for people with disabilities, interactive training content, and dynamic reporting. The solution uses a hybrid of cutting-edge technologies from instructional design tools to the learning management system and plugins that enhance accessibility for people with disabilities.

The platform has dynamic test features that include randomized quizzes, reflection questions, interactive drag and drops knowledge checks that test understanding of content in a manner that keeps the learner engaged.

Aside from the eLearning web application, the SFI project now has a low bandwidth Android app taking #learnonthego #learnondememnd one step further! Banking staff working from the branches or the field can now access the training at their convenience via the web app or mobile app.


The SFI platform was developed by Farwell Innovations Ltd through their white label solution Erevuka. Farwell is no stranger to the provision of eLearning interventions as well as providing comprehensive program support. They are an experienced end-to-end eLearning service provider that has provided eLearning services to organisations such as Kenya Bankers Association, Sri Lanka Banks’ Association, Think Aviation, Innovativ Konzept, KCB Bank, and DEG.

The Kenya Bankers Association SFI program is a positive elearning story that demonstrates that organisations can use eLearning technology to deliver training seamlessly.

The SFI platform is a cloud-based solution accessible at the convenience of banking staff spread out across different locations. Banks can rely on its consistency on content retention enough to send all their staff to take the Sustainability Training courses all year round.

Banking staff can access the training any time on any device, thanks to the dynamic nature of the eLearning website and Android mobile application.


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