Introducing Erevuka For The Corporate Workforce

Erevuka is a learning-as-a-service platform that helps corporate organisations hone soft skills in their workforce


Introducing Erevuka For The Corporate Workforce
Simon Lee and Angela Nyabera, the Co-Founders of Erevuka, during an exclusive interview with CIO East Africa

Traditional organisations focus majorly on performance management and product knowledge training because of how they impact sales while forfeiting the importance of soft skills. Abilities such as communication skills, conflict resolution, and problem-solving underlie every aspect of business operations. In every department and job role, employees must hone their interpersonal prowess to improve customer service and build a stronger team dynamic.

Erevuka platform bridges this skill gap by offering a robust and ready-to-use platform for imparting soft skills into the workforce.

Founded by Simon Lee and Angela Nyabera in 2017, Erevuka was birthed from Farwell Innovations Limited – a dynamic, software development company based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Erevuka’s greater mission is To boost corporate workplace productivity by making world-class eLearning technology accessible and cost-efficient for corporates seeking to train their staff.


“Quite often customers pain points are not as a result of IT issues, rather they are as a result of lack of soft skills like time management, inconsistent customer experience, communication skills, negotiation skills etc.,” says Angela Nyabera, Business Development & Customer Excellence Director and Co-Founder of Erevuka.

Erevuka is a robust learning as-a-service or eLearning platform that combines the best breed of learning technology, reporting, and user experience to deliver a cutting-edge solution in corporate training. It is majorly a B2B service, offering corporate organisations the right tools to leverage innovation in unlocking the full potential of employees. The platform has an excellent user interface and employees can easily and readily access the training more conveniently, and more cost-effectively

In addition, Erevuka is able to integrate with existing corporate solutions such as HRM systems to provide a holistic experience to staff and HR. The solution takes security seriously with features such as single sign on integration or multi-factor authentication solutions both possible. Erevuka is GDPR compliant providing peace of mind that user data will be protected.

Farwell believes in inclusive access to education and training and has ensured Erevuka meets WCAG2.0 and 2.1 level AA standards. This means the solution is friendly for use by people with disabilities and its content can be read using visual assistive technologies.


It contains contextual training that people can access easily and more cost-effectively. Animation, video, downloadable content, interactive learner and evaluation with minimised cheating capabilities

“Through our eLearning technology, we have delivered courses to 150,000+ users across three continents in the last 5 years,” notes Simon Lee, Founder Erevuka. Adding, “Every bank in Kenya and Sri-lanka is a customer of Erevuka- either directly or otherwise.”

Erevuka e-learning has been used by organisations such as Banks, Development Finance Institutions, and Training Organisations to deliver high-quality industry training courses. Its clientele includes; the Kenya Bankers Association, Innovativ Konzept, and Sri Lanka Banks’ Association.

Recently, the Kenya Bankers Association revamped their SFI eLearning platform making it more dynamic. “KBA undertook to develop the SFI e-learning platform at a time when professional digital learning was nascent,” said Nuru Mugambi, KBA Public Affairs Director. “We were pleased to partner with Farwell to jointly develop the platform and are excited about the revamp. We are confident the platform creates the infrastructure to deploy other industry-wide training programs in partnership with the Kenya Institute of Bankers.”


Aside from the white-label technology, Erevuka offers Soft Skills training courses on its website. “Active listening, non-verbal communication, and customer empathy are just a few traits employees must possess in the modern workplace. These are some of the skills that the courses on the platform impart on the corporate workforce,” Angela adds.

The Erevuka platform provides high-quality, affordable career-based training for the corporate workforce to help in career advancement.

Join Erevuka today to access world-class e-learning technology and soft skills training conducted by industry-leading professionals, lecturers, and trainers to empower young professionals to achieve their career ambitions.

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