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Enhance Your Customers’ Experience With Freshworks

Freshworks offers up-to-date technologies that help engage your customers while enhancing their experience.


Enhance Your Customers’ Experience With Freshworks

Technology was said to be dynamic, so is the 21 Century customer’s needs. In a digital world like today, exciting new technologies such as virtual reality, big data, live video connectivity, cloud computing, and intelligent chatbots are redefining the way in which companies connect with their customers and how customers want their products and services packaged.

A customer satisfaction survey by Freshworks terms technology as a game-changer, noting that today product will only impact if owners have the end-users involved.

At a recent #CIOWebinarSeries by Freshworks, they confirmed yet again that silos of technology can no longer be relied on. That now technologies that are used are integrative and collaborative so that customer expectations are met and surpassed.

“Technology has a vital role in meeting the changing demands of the modern consumer,” said Rohit Kumar Nair, the Director of Marketing at Freshworks adding, “This role has long been recognized. For an IT leader, technology and employee trends and engagement are inseparable.”


The Freshworks survey reports that out of 1,500 service professionals across the globe with 600 of them from EMEA understand the predictions for CX in 2021, Freshworks reports that the big concerns are that customer expectations are rising and so contact volumes.

Nearly every interaction occurring between a customer and an organization is driven or supported by at least one form of technology – in many cases, multiple platforms converge to support the interaction.

“Just like technology, customer expectations are evolving at a rapid pace,” Nair added. “Understanding the emerging solutions within the Customer Experience technology ecosystem, and their impact to deliver quality customer experiences is vital to an organisation’s ability to maintain a competitive edge.”

Freshworks offers insight into technology innovations and evolutions that have the potential to impact your customer experience (CX) strategy, and key questions to ask when considering them. They focus on solutions that drive hot-button CX disciplines, including Omni-channel engagement, personalization, customer empowerment, and customer engagement/ relationship management.


They offer a best-in-class customer and employee engagement, a software suite that is intuitive and easy to use so you have a happy and engaged workforce who in turn help you build and create lasting relationships with customers for life.

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