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Fortinet, CIO Africa Host eGov Africa Summit To Secure African Governments’ Digital Assets

With so much governments operations going online, they should keep business humming along nicely by protecting online digital assets


Fortinet, CIO Africa Host eGov Africa Summit To Secure African Governments’ Digital Assets

Governments at all levels are undergoing digital transformation in order to deliver government services and programs more efficiently, transparently, and cost-effectively. This transformation has seen a shift in government assets being digital. Simply put, digital assets are the assets that exist online.

Some of these digital assets exist on the cloud while some are in own servers. Like the physical assets, digital assets require protection against cyber attacks. Protecting digital assets goes a long way even to protect your an organisation’s revenue stream and financial viability.

Digital asset security is crucial to your the success of business and or government operations. Aligned to speak on this matter is Imran Chaudhrey, the Country Manager East Africa at Fortinet. Imran will be speaking during the Africa eGov virtual summit, the inaugural 2-day forum primed to enhance the digitisation agenda among different governments in Africa.

Filestack notes that companies/governments have adopted different digital asset management systems to safely and securely store digital assets, along with important metadata.


“Digital asset management software can store assets in a single location and make them available worldwide. It will improve your key cloud metrics for security,” reads its blog post.

Governments handle various types of valuable information such as citizen bio data, financial information, and project files. These are considered to be digital assets which, just like a physical asset, hold a certain value. Protecting these digital assets also protects the revenue stream and financial viability.

“Remember, not all hackers are cyber thieves looking to steal your data; some are just malicious,” the blog continues. “They’ll launch attacks that crash your website or network and bring your business to a complete halt.

If a hacker steals valuable information from the government’s digital asset bank and it’s determined that they didn’t provide enough security features to prevent it, then they should be held liable.


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