Faster QR Scanning and More; What to Expect From Android 13

There’s a lot that Android 13 comes with and it will definitely be better than the current Android 12.


Faster QR Scanning and More; What to Expect From Android 13
Android 13 is set to be rolled out towards the end of the year.

Android 12 is yet to hit a lot of smartphones but features of the upcoming Android 13 OS have already started popping up online. Android 13 is the next major Android OS is expected to bring features like Tap to Transfer and a redesigned audio output picker.

There’s a lot that Android 13 comes with and it will definitely be better than the current Android 12. However, most android users in Africa still use Android 11 OS as the current android 12 still hasn’t rolled out to most smartphones.

Information has already been leaked on the internet about what to expect with Android 13. Here’s everything that has been leaked so far.

QR Scanner


With Android 13, it should be more accessible than ever to scan a QR Code compared to previous generations of Android versions.

Once Android 13 is up and running on your smartphone in the coming months, the function could be accessed directly on the locked screen of the smartphone.

The 13th version of the Android Operating system is expected to be launched at the end of the year. Obviously, each year the manufacturer tries to add better features to its latest OS. Android 13 will be no exception, including better management of QR Codes.

Concretely, in addition to the Airplane mode, the management of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or the Lamp, the Scan QR function can be activated/deactivated with a click, thus allowing the user to scan a code, from the lock screen quickly.



Android Police has also shared a mockup of a new user interface of “Media TTT.” In this, the TTT stands for “tap to transfer.” With this feature, one might get to know about the nearby audio devices (or “media cast receiver” devices) on their Android phones (“media cast sender” device). The report suggests this feature could work with Google’s Casting protocol, available on its Chromecast devices and speakers.

While not much is known about how this will work, the cited source says that the feature will display chip notifications to show some useful information related to the audio a user is playing. It will also advise people to move a little closer to the device to play audio in case the person is too far. For this, the feature might use the smartphone’s Ultra-wideband (UWB) chip or Near Field Communication (NFC).

Redesigned audio output picker

The cited source also reported that Google is also planning to redesign the audio output picker for the next major version of Android. The output picker feature, which was first introduced with Android 10, shows a list of nearby available devices that can be connected to play music. It gives you information on what all smart speakers, wireless earbuds and other devices are available near you. As per the screenshots shared by the same source, Google seems to be planning to give the audio output menu picker rounded corners as well as redesigned volume sliders. So, one might get to see the device’s name and active devices with a tick. The unavailable devices might be shown as greyed out.



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