Empower Your Remote Workforce

These uncertain times have caused a fundamental shift in the way we work. Offices are slowly opening back up. Some employees can't wait to...


Empower Your Remote Workforce

These uncertain times have caused a fundamental shift in the way we work. Offices are slowly opening back up. Some employees can’t wait to return, while others want to continue to work from home.

This remote work culture isn’t going away any time soon. We have given birth to the hybrid work culture that has been adopted and widely accepted to be much more productive than the in-office work culture. Despite a tumultuous year in 2020, remote workers report a Workforce Happiness Index of 75 out of 100, compared to 71 for in-office employees. And, remote employees are more likely to report being satisfied with their jobs than office-based workers (57 per cent vs. 50 per cent).

However, with all this said, this culture leaves the remote worker vulnerable to significant security attacks because many organisations haven’t fully developed their remote security environment. Want to learn how you can securely empower your remote workforce? Let’s walk you through it.

Why Cisco Secure Remote Worker?


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More people are working remotely, and it’s up to your security team to make sure they are protected on any device, anywhere they choose to work. Fast-track your business success by empowering employees with secure access to the applications and critical resources they need, whether in the public cloud or on-premises.


Why you should care?

  • 81 per cent of breaches involve compromised credentials
  • 52 per cent of survey respondents stated mobile devices are challenging to defend
  • 27 per cent of organisations are currently using multi-factor authentication (MFA) devices when accessing any application.

What you want.

  • Employees securely work from anywhere on any device
  • Verify user identities and establish device trust
  • Users access corporate resources from remote locations
  • Defend users and devices from threats while on or off the network

Our offerings and solutions

Cisco Secure Remote Worker is a simple, scalable, integrated security solution that delivers the strength and breadth of the Cisco platform approach to protecting your workforce everywhere.


Verify authorised users with Cisco Duo, your trusted MFA.

Verify the identity of all users before granting access to corporate applications with secure and easy multi-factor Authentication with Cisco Secure Access by Duo.

Secure VPN Access with Cisco Any Connect VPN

Enable secure access to the enterprise network for any user, from any device, at any time, in any location with Cisco AnyConnect Mobility Client (VPN).

Defend Users and Endpoints from Threats with Cisco Secure X

Enable coordinated defense against threats with SecureX – a platform built into Umbrella for internet security, Cloud Mailbox Defense for email protection, and Secure Endpoint (AMP for Endpoints) for endpoint security.

Collaborate from anywhere with Cisco WebEx: safe, private and, secure.

We Are Here for You.

As a Cisco Premier Partner, we have the expertise to secure your business, end-to-end. Cisco Security takes you from overwhelmed to empowered. Click on the link below to claim your Cisco security free trial and demo.


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